2D artist

Cave Pilot 55

Cave Pilot 55 is a board/card game created by Kwatta Games. A kickstarter will be launched of it later this year!
In Cave Pilot 55 players race their sophisticated technological bat planes through a cave full of obstacles and challenges.
The art/illustrations made by me below are only a selection of the available cards.
Want to know more about Cave Pilot 55 or get updated about it? Check out their website!


And these assets were made later in 2015

cpa1 pilots

Flying_Dutchman copy

Game Jam art

In 2016 I participated in the Global Game Jam together with teachers/lecturers from the Hanzehogeschool. We made a game about Romeo & Juliet. Romeo had to dance his way around things to reach a certain goal (mostly to impress Juliet). A game jam is a short period of time, so none of this art was polished, but I had a lot of fun making it!


During a private game jam session in 2014 with colleagues/friends we made a game with a  native american culture context. These are some of the assets I made for it.


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