Duckling at the zoo

For research projects by Jacolien van Rij and Juhani Järvikivi about language processing, I made twenty illustrations about a duckling losing its mother while visiting a zoo. These were almost completely drawn on my iPad Pro, an amazing tool I’ve been using since summer 2017, it was a lot of fun since it isn’t a commercial project and I had quite some freedom. These are a selection of the illustrations.

Lucky Star Pattern

A dreamy and cute bedroom-themed border pattern design.
This was made for when I still sewn/sold dresses for Risu Rose.

Mahou Shoujo

Een tekening van een vriendin en ik als ‘magical girls’ , mahou shoujo in het Japans genoemd.

BAGGER Mascotte

Tekening van de BAGGER mascotte: Boeren Anime Gilde Groningen en Regio,
ook gebruikt op een t-shirt:



You can buy a shirt of this at Society6.

Schattige dieren

Ontwerpen die ik gemaakt heb voor stickers en sleutelhangers die ik verkoop op markten en conventies.

Pigy and Porcy

A selection of illustration I made for Pigy and Porcy go to London, a book by Anna G Miller.

This was my first illustration job after graduation in 2011!
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