Duckling at the zoo

For research projects by Jacolien van Rij and Juhani Järvikivi about language processing, I made twenty illustrations about a duckling losing its mother while visiting a zoo. These were almost completely drawn on my iPad Pro, an amazing tool I’ve been using since summer 2017, it was a lot of fun since it isn’t a commercial project and I had quite some freedom. These are a selection of the illustrations.

Hedgehog on a journey

A prize for a giveaway I did. I’d love to work this out to a small book one day about a hedgehog that goes on a journey.

Pigy and Porcy

A selection of illustration I made for Pigy and Porcy go to London, a book by Anna G Miller.

This was my first illustration job after graduation in 2011!
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Boom en Kraai

A selection of work I made for Boom en Kraai, a picture book I illustrated for Susanne van der Wouden.

The book is re-published by a publisher and now available via and other bookstores. There is also an app being developed.

Game Jam art

On several occassions I joined the Global Game Jam, this is a worldwide event where people try to make a game within a weekend.

In 2016 I participated in the Global Game Jam together with teachers/lecturers from the Hanzehogeschool. We made a game about Romeo & Juliet. Romeo had to dance his way around things to reach a certain goal (mostly to impress Juliet). A game jam is a short period of time, so none of this art was polished, but I had a lot of fun making it!





During a private game jam session in 2014 with colleagues/friends we made a game with a  native american culture context. These are some of the assets I made for it.


In 2017 we made a fun game with octopusses that needed to catch boats for their boss.

And there was another game jam in 2018 that I went to with some colleagues, we created something health/hospital-themed.


Two hatchlings from a personal project I did about fantasy baby animals / character design.

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