I hope you all had a great christmas and a wonderful end of the year. May 2015 become a wonderful year full of great things and happiness Star! .

Now for some announcements: 
15 february I will be at Tsunacon (Rotterdam) selling my art prints, stickers, and some handmade cute/J-fashion goodies!
Tsunacon is a big one-day convention/event with of course things related to Japan and anime.

However, until further notice I won’t be having a table -like that-  at other events anymore coming year.
Why? 2014 was a nice year of trying it out, selling my art at several events. It was fun to do for sure!
But, except for one of them, they weren’t really successful enough for me to go on with it. 
One of the reasons is that the thing that sells the best is still fanart and even when I do like to make fanart sometimes, I rather have people buy my original art and I feel that a professional illustrator shouldn’t be selling fanart that much.
Also, last year I made less personal art than the year before and I feel that that’s not a good thing. I put less time in the things like creating pieces to show to publishers/future clients. Actually because I had some bigger illustration jobs (with lots of smaller illustrations to be made) and that combined with preparing for the conventions/fairs, I got pretty tired and had less time and energy for making personal pieces and I miss it. So it was nice to do this year, to try it, but I don’t think it’s something I should be doing. Of course I’m still selling things online, like at Society6 and RedBubble and my own Storenvy shop.

BUT I did some new things in 2014 that I plan to expand and continue with. That is creating fabric/print designs. I’ve had some really enthusiastic reactions and I hope to start selling dresses coming year..next to that I already offer commissions for people to have their own print designed and made by me (see this page for more info). I’m not expecting to make big money out of it, but it’s really great to do so why not.

Wish you all the best for the new year I am a dummy!