Most of you probably already know through facebook or other channels, but the Cave Pilot 55 kickstarter is online!
Cave Pilot 55, a table top game where you play as a bat pilot and fly through a gauntlet cave.
The kickstarter is now online! If you’re fast, you can pledge and buy Cave Pilot 55 for €28 including worldwide shipping.

The game has been playtested a LOT and if you like board- and card games, I really recommend it.
Ofcourse, because it’s a Kickstarter project, it will only happen when enough people pledge and back the campaign, so please if you’re interested take a look!

It has been great to make art for this game, it gave me the chance to be creative with an original theme. I mean how cool is the combination of caves, bats
and steampunk-ish tech… pretty awesome!
More info and updates about Cave Pilot 55 and the creator Kwatta Games can be found on their website!