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The Dutch Sweet Tea dress made and designed by me

The Dutch Sweet Tea dress made and designed by me

In lolita fashion, one of the special things on a lot of dresses are the fabric prints!
There are a lot of unique, cute and classic prints designed by Japanese brand and indie designers.
As an illustrator, when I started wearing lolita fashion I immediately got the idea of creating my own print and creating my own dress with it. What is more amazing than your own unique print, designed especially for you, to stand out with in the crowd?
And so within a couple of weeks I finished my ‘Dutch Sweet Tea’ design, printed it on fabric and then made my own dress with it. And it felt amazing to wear my own dress! ♥
As an illustrator and a lolita fashion fan, I would love to create more designs and make people happy with their own dress. So I decided to offer a custom lolita print design service!

What can I do for you?
A lot of things are possible when it comes to prints. While I do create designs on a computer,
they are hand drawn using a Wacom tablet.
When a commission is finished you will receive a digital file of the image, which you can use to print at, for example, Spoonflower or a local fabric print company. I have experience using Spoonflower,
so I can help you with how to print it there and which fabric to choose.
When it comes to sewing, I’m unfortunately still a beginner so you will have to look for a dressmaker or seamstress yourself.

What will it cost?
It’s hard to give a price beforehand, because there are so many levels of details when it comes to lolita prints and what people like.
Here’s an idea of my prices (excl. VAT):
♪ ~ Simple design: €50: 1-3 small elements (5 x5 cm), 1 or 2 colors, no background
♫ ~ Medium design: €125: 3-5 elements (ranging from 5-10 cm), 3-5 colors, simple repeating background
♬ ~ Detailed design: €200-300: 5 elements & more, detailed, full-colour + shadow, detailed background
All prices include two revisional rounds (see FAQ fo more info).

Want to know exactly how much your print-idea would cost to make? Send me an e-mail at

My Dutch Sweat Tea print is an example of a 'detailed design'.

My Dutch Sweat Tea print is an example of a detailed design.

The price is based on exclusive personal use, which means that on the one hand I will not sell your design idea to someone else or sell it myself, but on the other hand also means that you can only use it for personal use, and not to sell it to others. For more info about commercial use, send me an e-mail at!

How long does it take to finish a design?
This depends on the amount of details and on my (and your own) availability.
Simple designs could take 1-2 weeks, more detailed designs could take 3-5 weeks.

I’d like to commission you! What should I do?
You can e-mail me at, tell me your idea and I’ll give you a price quote. If we both agree on the price and time-schedule then I can start creating your design. I’m looking forward to designing your lolita fabric print!

The 'snowy day' dress I made and designed

The ‘snowy day’ dress I made and designed

For other questions you can take a look at my FAQ or ‘Hire me’ page.

Some other design examples I made:

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