You can buy my art on all sorts of things and at various locations, I even sell at markets and conventions sometimes, I love to make customers happy with my creations! Next to that, I also sell things at Atelier Annekee, a shop in the north of the Netherlands which sells handmade & unique articles. And as a fashion designer I sell garments and accessories as Risu Rose.

The print-on-demand articles are from international websites, so keep in mind that you might have to pay import tax costs if you order a large amount (for NL, you can see the rates here). For Dutch people: further below is a section from Kaartje2go & Werkaandemuur.
If you have any questions or need any help, please e-mail me and I’ll see what I can do!

Here’s a selection of things I sell:

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Prints, posters and canvases (price differs per product, look at the website for the options & prices):

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Tote Bags:
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Pillow covers:

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Fabric / giftwrap / wallpaper from Spoonflower:

rrainpatternsmall_shop_thumb bursts rrrpotionfabricpatternsmall_shop_thumb skort starwall kimonofab1_2_shop_thumb pastelsky sakura nomnom

Phone/tablet/laptop covers and skins:

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ociety6 sells even more! They also have clocks and rugs with my work on them!

Voor Nederland(ers):
Ik verkoop veel verschillende kaartjes bij Kaartje2go en Sendasmile
 knuffel nog-lang-en-gelukkig  vriendelijke-groenten wolken-en-sterren en veel meer.

Groot werk van mij kopen kan op poster, canvas en dibond bij!
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Bij Atelier Annekee, mijn ouders’ atelier/winkel verkoop ik ook artikelen. Kom gerust eens langs!
kussens oorbellen OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA