Hi! My name is Petra van Berkum, I work as an illustrator & 2D artist under the name PetPet.Photo Petra

I love creating images that are colorful, imaginative, dreamy, cute and whimsical
and I love it when a piece of my work will touch a piece of your heart !
Since I graduated in 2011, I work freelance, creating art for books, games, textiles, cards and more.
Next to that I have a job as a teacher & coach at CMD/Game Dev department at Hanzehogeschool.

I live in Groningen (The Netherlands) together with my husband.
In my free time I enjoy playing games, watching animation and sew/design fashion.

Interested or do you have a job? Please consider reading my FAQ or the info below,
but you can always just mail me as well: info[at]pet-pet[dot]nl

My general conditions can be found here and a list of experience/clients can be found here.

I am represented by MIA – Milan Illustrations Agency.

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KvK: 52357317
General terms and conditions

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Hire me!

So, you are interested in hiring me to create something for your publication, product or business.
Great! Then you are at the right place.

What do I need to do?

Send me an e-mail to with the specifications for the artwork that you have in mind. It’s important to know details about your idea or commission before I sent you a quote. The following information is needed:
– Your contact information (name/mailaddress/phone number)
– A description of what you have in mind
– The deadline, when will you need it?
– The preferred style and complexity of the images
– The size and format
– The license and use: where is it meant to be used for?

After that I can give you a precise pricequote for the work. If you agree with the price and a contract with all the details + terms & conditions is signed or agreed with, then I’ll start to work on your piece(s).

What will it cost?

That depends on the things I mentioned above. An explanation of how the price is calculated can be found in the FAQ section.
But to give you an estimation: a full page illustration can range from €150 – 450 + the license fee. Smaller illustrations range from  €50-150 + license fee. Excluding VAT/BTW. I usually send an invoice afterwards with small jobs, for big jobs I usually ask a payment in advance so you’ll get the invoice before I start working.

What is the process of your work?

Sketching: – I’ll make one or more sketches and send these rough sketches to the client
Sketch revision: – If you’re not happy with the sketch I can change some things and send the client a revised sketch.
Details: – I’ll add color, details, background and such and make it a detailed illustration/artwork
Final revision: – If anything needs to be changed in te color or background than this is the time to do that
Final version: – After the revision is done, I will send the client the final version of the work + an invoice.

Usually work with two revision rounds, one during sketching and one during the detailed phase. This is included in the price, if something needs to be revised more times then of course I’ll mention you that before continuing.

Have any more questions? Then check the FAQ page!