Clients, projects and experience

♦  Childrensbook illustrations for ‘Boom en Kraai’ & ‘De Dolfijnenheks’ by Susanne van der Wouden
♦  Childrensbook illustrations for ‘Pigy and Porcy go to London’ by Anna Golden Miller
♦  Cover illustration for ‘Kolonie’, a Sci-Fi book by Simon van Eik
♦  Illustration for a page of the well-known Alice in Wonderland, for the 150-Alice project
♦  Cover illustrations for scientific theses of Nick Degens, Jacolien van Rij, Rene Mulder & Jan Willem Kruize

Games/ concept art
♦  Art for card / table top game “Cave Pilot 55” by Kwatta Games
♦  Art for a boardgame Expeditie Robinson by Just2play
♦  Art for boardgame ‘Frogs!’ by Woodbine Street Games.
♦  2D & Concept art for game development with Gamefoqus.
♦  2D isometric buildings / assets for a game by Binary Polar Studios
♦  Concept art for Mindworld (Halflife Mod, not published)

♦  Several illustrations for Resource magazine (Wageningen UR)
♦  Illustrations for research-group User-Centered Design, Hanzehogeschool
♦  Illustration for the cover and inside border of a booklet for IVN, commissioned by Bart ter Haar.

Greeting- and announcementcards
♦  Illustrations for children’s memorial cards , for
♦  Greeting cards, sold at & sendasmile.
♦  Illustrations for birth announcement and wedding cards, personal commissions
♦  Greeting card and postcard design for Atelier Annekee

Manga / Japanese inspired
♦  Poster for Aniway magazine
♦  Promotional art for Boeren Anime Gilde Groningen en Regio & their Cosplay Gala
♦  Live i-pad sketchportraits in manga style at pre-launch event of Gravity Rush (Sony PS Vita game)
♦  Manga drawing workshops for Boeren Anime Gilde Groningen

Graphic Design
♦  Logo for DIY Project Box, Campy Critic, De Lichtdichter, Starsprinkles
♦  Poster for APIH Bridge club
♦  Poster & Flyer for GSp
♦  Poster for Pommona theater
♦  Poster for Boeren Anime Gilde Groningen en Regio
♦  Lay-out / text for Boom en Kraai & De Dolfijnenheks
♦  Portraits for infoqus informatiespecialisten, for their website/social media.
♦  Webdesign for Webklaar
♦  Promotional design for Lustrum Cleopatra ASG ( Logo, poster, webdesign)

Software knowledge:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver (css), Premiere/Final Cut, Painttool SAI, Painter

Education and Courses
♦  Bachelor of Design at Academie Minerva, department of communication/design – Illustration.
♦  Painting Drama, online course from Oatley Academy.
♦  Introduction course about coaching at Bureau Land.

Other publications
♦  Featured with a spread in Advanced Photoshop magazine (Dutch version).
♦  Featured in the gallery section of the book ‘iPad for artists’ by Dani Jones.

Other experiences
♦  Lecturer & coach at Game Design & development studies at Hanze university of applied sciences.
♦  Admin of the Dutch illustrators group on Facebook
♦  Selling my own articles online and offline at markets/conventions
♦  Creating Repeating patterns, selling them on Spoonflower on fabric and other surface material
♦  Fabric- and fashion design at Risu Rose

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