What if I want to commission or hire you?

E-mail me with your question, idea or brief. Make sure to include info about the license/use (what kind of media, audience), time- and deadlines, so I can give you a precise price quote and we can talk about the possibilities.

If we are both happy with the price then we’ll proceed to make official agreements and a schedule, when that’s done I can start working for you. I like clear communication which will make us both have a good time working together!

Take into account that I don’t take on every job that comes my way, not only because I have a job besides this but also because I think it is important to work on projects that I like, want to get invested in and really can contribute something to.

Can you give me an estimation of your prices? 

It’s hard to give a precise pricequote before I know the details, because the amount of work differs per project and artwork. I’m an artist and every project is unique! But I can explain you how the costs are being calculated: The cost of an illustration = creating new artwork + a license fee .

The price for creating depends on the size & the complexity of the image and the style used. This will determine the amount of time/hours that it will cost to make it, which is multiplied by my hourly rate, in the end it usually comes down to a price per illustration.

The license fee is the price you pay for the use of the illustration. This depends on the kind of publication it is, how much of the product will be printed or sold. A license fee is usually a percentage of the creating-price, it can be 30% but it can also be 300%.

Can I buy the copyrights of your work?

There’s a big chance I decline to that, because usually there isn’t any need for you to buy the copyrights.
Why not? First: You probably don’t need to buy the copyrights, what most clients want is a license for exclusive use for their specific product instead, so they don’t have to worry anyone else will be using it for example. But even that isn’t always neccesary, most are fine with just the use for one time for their book/magazine etc. You want to pay for what you really need, right.
Second: Buying my copyrights is expensive. Buying my copyrights means I won’t have the chance to sell, re-use, change the illustration for anything anymore, and since those things are a part of my income, my copyrights are expensive. How much also depends on the kind of illustration.

Can you work together with me for a crowdfunding campaign or for a project I don’t yet know will be financially rewarded?

Unfortunately I can’t do that, this is my daily job so I have to pay bills and daily needs with my work.
I am fine with crowdfunding campaigns if I get an upfront payment for the work that needs to be done (before you start a campaign).

I found one of your illustrations, can I use it?

As a creator I own the copyrights of my work. This means if you want to use it for your magazine, blog, personal use, you need to ask me for permission and I will probably ask for a license fee (if it’s re-usable at all). Please e-mail me for further questions about this.

How do you create your art?

My art and illustrations are digitally made, but by hand using a Wacom tablet and drawing/painting software. I usually start a project with a traditional pencil sketch on paper though, that is almost always the first thing a client will see.

What format do you deliver your art?

Since my style is a bit painterly and I use a lot of layers in my work, I usually create and send things in Photoshop format. For a painterly style there is no use asking me if I can make it in vector format because that is simply not possible.

Can I ask you to draw something in a different style than your own?

You can always ask but I am not willing to do everything, especially when it’s far from my colourful / painterly / loose style (it still has to be fun for me because of artistic freedom).
For example for pixel-art or clear vector work you are better off asking someone else!

How do I know that you will create something that I will like?

I usually work with two revision rounds, one during the sketching phase and one during the final phase. That means if you don’t like the sketch, I can change it once. And if you don’t like the rendered/painted final version I can also change that once. If more than those two rounds are needed, it will cost me more time so that means I will ask an extra fee.
On the other hand, you can make sure that you like my art by going through my portfolio, it gives a clear idea of what I (can) do.

Can you create an example /  test illustration for me?

Though unusual, I can offer you a test illustration, but it is paid work.
A proposal is that if you like the test and I get a bigger job, the test illustration is for free. But when I don’t get the job, I get paid for the hours I worked on it. Test illustrations are sometimes needed when it’s a job I don’t already have examples of in my portfolio, but otherwise I might point you to the already existing examples of my work.

Do you create birth announcement and wedding announcement cards?

I’m only open to that for close connections of mine and even then it depends on the time/priorities I have. Making illustrations is a lot of work and working with private persons instead of companies costs a bit more energy than usual, so that is why I stopped offering it as a service.